DNA Data System's Medical Billing Services

Introducing DNA Data Systems Medical Billing Services, the service that is an extension of your office. We care for your patients with the same TLC as you do.

Our offices work together to accomplish the maximum reimbursement allowed. While you focus on patient care we handle all the billing and collections. Our two offices are online together real-time to allow for data entry of patient demographics, look up of patient account information, 24/7 report visibility, appointment scheduling, as well as a host of other features.

DNA Medical Billing Services has been providing medical billing and collections services to small and large medical groups for over a decade. Our services are unique in that we are able to customize our products to meet the needs of each client.

We work together on the same system or interface with other practice management and electronic medical record programs so that the medical group can access patient account information, aging, collection reports, statistics, reimbursement analysis, and many additional reports and listings.

We have been using our own software products for over thirty years and can offer custom programming to accommodate individual practice's request. This advantage allows us to keep rates lower than the competition and offer superior service.

Since we maintain the software, the cost of upgrading to different billing required formats is on us! Our main focus is to provide personalized, fast, accurate and professional billing to insurance companies while servicing the needs of your patients. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service. Additionally, our staff is committed to keeping current with new billing regulations and regularly attends workshops and seminars.

The typical reimbursement for these services is a percentage of cash receipts and in some situations we can charge a flat fee. DNA Billing Services takes the pain out of insurance and patient billing for physicians and allows the medical practice to focus more on providing quality medical care!

    Please download our brochure to learn more about our medical billing services.

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Accurate Reimbursement

  • Insurance Contract

    Our billing software has the ability to match reimbursements with insurance contracts to ensure for accurate receivables.

  • The software comes quipped with a contract module that the medical group is free to use.

  • Simply enter the health plans that the office is contracted with along with reimbursement rates for the CPT codes that the office performs and we do the rest!

  • When payments are received the entry person will be notified if the rate is incorrect and can file an appeal immediately.

Insurance Follow-Up Batching Process

  • The Insurance Follow-Up Batching Process is designed to automate and control the process of collecting unpaid insurance claims.
  • After a period of time has passed any unpaid claims would be gathered and placed into one or more batches.
  • For example, Medicare claims would get a batch, Blue Cross, Aetna (i.e. large payers) and then the remaining in a final batch.
  • These batches are assigned to collectors who are responsible for follow-up until the claim no longer has a balance.
  • The batches themselves control the totals assigned and the totals any point in time after the assignment.
  • The collectors are responsible for their batches and can easily track the status and progress from the time the batch was created.

Patient Responsible Statement Process

The Patient Responsible Statement process is designed to ensure two things:

  • That every patient with an outstanding balance is worked every month.
  • That a firm policy for collecting patient balances is followed systematically.

For example, a policy could be: send two statements, phone call, send a last statement with a collection letter, call again (or make 3 attempts) if no response from the patient change account status to "pending collection"" which would go to management for approval and finally set to "Do Not Schedule".

Every time an account is touched by a collector notes are entered into the patient's account. The entire process is automated all the way up to printing the information for sending to collections. The process of collecting patient balances, sending statements, letters, and phone calls are all determined by the policy of the medical group which the billing service follows.